AIR LIFESTYLE: Bridging the Gap between Performance and Life
June 06, 2022

AIR LIFESTYLE: Bridging the Gap between Performance and Life

AIR LIFESTYLE is a new range that redefines the way we wear clothes blending high-performance fabrics with a minimalistic aesthetic. Sometimes less is more and that is the creative direction that we want to implement into our AIR LIFESTYLE range.

Fit and feel have become affluently more important to consumers when they decide on what they want to buy and wear. The way the fabric makes you feel, and the performance side of sweat-wicking and breathability are crucial in the development of our sportswear. With the new addition of the AIR LIFESTYLE, comfortability is a norm, and you no longer must compromise that with fashion, truly bridging the gap between performance and life. 

What makes the range special is that we have worked with over 100+ professional athletes to test our materials. Why? It is because we want to ensure no matter your height, weight, or body composition, our sportswear will help you to become the best version of yourself. By working with a large pool of high-performing athletes, we can understand which fabrics are the best for comfort and performance and how we can bring that expertise into every day- which is the new AIR LIFESTYLE range.

If you look at the color palette of our choice range, Black and White are the basis of our products and we selected popular colors like Burgundy, Beige, and Vibrant Red that you can mix and match with your top and bottom selection. Colors should be fun and so is your creativity! Let your imagination become the future of your fashion choice!


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