Water Repellent Breathing Sports Mask
October 15, 2021

Water Repellent Breathing Sports Mask

Our Zyphr Breathing Sports Mask is a reusable sports mask that excels in high-performance training and everyday wear. With 99% BFE protection and anti-bacterial features, it provides you the safety and comfort to wear during training.

Our fabric content is the following:

66% Polyester

15% Charcoal Yarn

9% Spandex

8% Microbial Master Yarn

2% Polyethylenimine

The polyester we used is a light, extremely breathable synthetic fabric that is great for performance use. Added with 15% Charcoal Yarn, it is an essential component that keeps inside of the fabric odourless. 9% Spandex is used for high stretchability and comfort. 8% Microbial Master Yarn and 2% Polyethylenimine are key for bacteria-killing to keep you safe from hostile environments.

Water Repellent Feature

The Water repellent feature is one of the key attributes of our breathing sport mask. A highly engineered coating is added to ensure water does not store on the fabric, allowing wearer to feel light and comfortable at all time. This technology excels in situations that involve high water activities and high intensity training. For those who may do lots of water activities, fitness training or everyday wear, the water-repellent feature will help prevents unnecessary water contact and providing you the platform to perform and feel your best in any situations.

Why is it important to have a water-repellent sports mask? 

We cannot control external factors like the weather or accidental water pour on your mask. Having a water-repellent feature will ease the user experience of the wearer and allowing extremely comfort and breathability. Water naturally adds weight and consolidating a high level of water volume will affect how light or heavy your mask is before during your wear.

To ensure the technology passes our requirement, we’ve done a test on ensuring the coating will push away water and keep the mask cool and dry.

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