Creativity in Sport [Azzurri Football Club Team Training Wear]
November 24, 2021

Creativity in Sport [Azzurri Football Club Team Training Wear]

Azzurri Football Club is a Yau Yee Division 1 Football Team in Hong Kong.

When talent capabilities combine, the collective performance is limitless. This year, we had the great opportunity to work with Azzurri Football Club and designed their 1st team training t-shirt for the club. The training tee utilizes the sport tee material that specializes in high moisture-wicking, lightweight and enhance breathability.

Games are won collectively. The emphasis on teamwork is more important than anything at Azzurri and that applies to the fabrics they use for their players. The fit and feel are the core dynamics of a team at Azzurri and playing well and feeling well together are essential.

The color of the training tee is the unique Azure Blue. With a clean minimalistic approach in mind, the Zyphr logo and the club logo are at the front. The players initials are also at the front to identify the uniqueness of each player. Last but not least, Zyphr Academy is an academy based in Hong Kong that promotes young players and provide an opportunity for kids and young adults to make an impact in the beautiful game.

The color of the travel tee is the unique Cool White. This is a style that bridges the gap between life and performance for their players to use during pre-match and travel purposes. The material blend is 100% Premium Cotton with comfort and aesthetic in mind. The cotton blend is extremely soft and made for everyday wear.

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