Football Weekly Feature: Hong Kong Premier League Footballer’s Favourite
March 30, 2022

Football Weekly Feature: Hong Kong Premier League Footballer’s Favourite

Football Weekly is the most internationalised football magazine published in Hong Kong and China. They are the exclusive media partner of the FIFA World Cup in China, the Exclusive License Partner of France Football and Brazilian sports magazine Placar, and the Overseas Strategic Partner of La Gazzetta Dello Sport from Italy.

Football Weekly is a household name in Hong Kong for Football content, and they provide in-depth on and off pitch news with teams and players from around the world from match analysis, culture, classic & trendy Football gears to interviews with coaches and players. This news includes leagues such as the English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, and more. Their coverage of the Hong Kong Premier League is also the main attraction for local fans and players.

Football Weekly is truly a local Football fan-favourite Football magazine. This month, we were featured in their digital magazine and labeled as the most loved sportswear brand among professional footballers in Hong Kong Premier League.

While we are currently working with over 30+ professional footballers in the Hong Kong Premier League, product design and testing is a huge involvement with our Zyphr Athletes. They help us to better understand the requirement of each garment and how the fitting and material should be able to withstand high-intensity training and humid weather with ease.

If you want to learn more about Football Weekly and what content they offer for hardcore Football fans from around the world, make sure to visit their official website or go to one of your closest 7-eleven to pick up a copy!


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