Inspiration of Creating the New Zyphr Tech Grip Socks
February 23, 2022

Inspiration of Creating the New Zyphr Tech Grip Socks

I am so excited to share with you the new generation of Zyphr Tech Grip Socks! What inspired me to create the Zyphr Tech Grip Socks is because two years ago, I experienced my worse injury on the field, and I felt a lack of stability and control on my feet contributed to my injury massively.


After my long-endured rehab and recovery period, I came into contact with other grip socks in the market but either the material is too thick that causes pain in my arch as I have flat feet or because the material is too thick, it causes instant sweat to my feet within 10 minutes and I lost full stability inside my socks.

 That was the moment when I realized potentially other players are experiencing the same thing so I started asking many of my teammates and athletes about this and they all said either the grip socks are too thick that they cannot fit in or the density of the rubber grip is too wide, there is not enough stability to their grip socks. 

This is why I was motivated to create the perfect grip socks to help other athletes to improve their performance in games and give them the edge and inner confidence that they can change directions and movements with ease.

 As I want to push myself this year and play Football at the highest level, I realized grip socks can really help take my game to the next level and it has truly been the case with Zyphr Tech Grip Socks. It gave me the confidence to turn, change directions and acceleration in fast game situations. It is also perfect for me as I have extremely flat feet and as the Zyphr sole construction is tapered to my sole. The fabric provides a barefoot weight feeling and the lightness of the fabric provides enough space in my boot or running shoes to breathe extremely well.


If you want to learn more about our Zyphr Tech Grip Socks, you can visit our products at the accessories page directly!


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