Introducing the New Generation of Zyphr Tech Grip Socks
March 09, 2022

Introducing the New Generation of Zyphr Tech Grip Socks

What are the key features of the Zyphr Tech Grip Socks?

  1.  Lightweight Nylon Material
    The lightest Grip Socks in the market yet extremely durable rubber grip for strong stability. Issue with thick material is that your feet gets sweaty very fast, then your feet start sliding inside the socks that makes it extremely uncomfortable and loss of stability


  1. Sole Fitted Knit
    ConstructionGreat for people who have flat feet. When you have flat feet, the arch of your feet can get pain very quickly, with our sole fitted knit construction, it doesn’t tighten your sole when it gets hot, it gives extra breathability to your feet and helps eases the pain in the arch area


  1. Durable Rubber for Slide & Injury Prevention
    It gives you extra stability and allow you to change direction in the game very easily. It reduces the risk of injury as well to avoid sliding inside the boot and gives you the confidence to run faster and change directions).


  1. No More Blisters
    with the durable rubber grip, it doesn’t allow your feet to rub against the back of your heel because it reduces the amount of sliding happening between your feet and your boot


  1. Multiple Colorways to match with your team match day kit
    Inspired by the Hong Kong Premier League teams, we have home and away color grip socks for each team including Eastern Football Club, Lee Man FC, Southern District, Kitchee, Rangers, RCFC, HKFC and HKU23.


  1. Perfect Ankle Length to Prevent Socks Kept Sliding Down
    With the knit construction and the ankle length we created, it gives room to breathe around the ankle area and the socks itself would be able to hold its shape, it doesn’t slide down to create extra irritation)


  1. Ball Mastery
    Zyphr Grip Socks also helps with ball mastery. Many athletes like to have their boot very tight to their feet because of the feeling of bare feet. Our Grip Socks will provide extra protection and support to create extra stability to your boot without feeling extra tight and uncomfortable


  1. Increase Speed
    more stability means you can drive your legs faster, more power and easier movement)


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