Introducing Zyphr Athlete - Noah Cavanaugh
May 04, 2022

Introducing Zyphr Athlete - Noah Cavanaugh

Noah Cavanaugh is a professional footballer from Seattle in the United States. On the field, he is a fierce defender, passionate and intense. Off the field, he is a YouTube, forthcoming author, aspiring entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He currently plays for Michigan Stars FC in the NISA league in the United States.

Noah believes that whether in football or in life, there’s only one phrase he sums up what he is striving for and want to inspire in others: BE AWESOME

So far, Noah has played in over four countries including the United States, Denmark, Spain, and Australia as a professional footballer. His goal is to continue to develop as a footballer and push for higher-level whether in the United States or abroad.

Noah started out as a D3 student-athlete at Whitman College. In his senior year, he scored 9 goals and had 5 assists as a defender which won him the conference player of the year award and was selected in the all-region second team.

We asked Noah Cavanaugh why he wants to be a professional footballer and he said it is because of how football makes him feel. He aligns himself with being an artist and football is his masterpiece. He can create anything he wants on the pitch every day and that is his purpose. The process of getting better and skill mastery is fulfilling. He loves to be able to express and challenge himself physically and mentally every day.

His dream is to play for his hometown MLS team Seattle Sounders, and he would love to be able to travel to different places around the world and experience football in different cultures and languages.

We are excited to support Noah in his professional career with our Zyphr Tech Grip Socks as it is essential for Noah to be on his A-game with maximum power, speed, and ability to change directions in games.

If you want to learn more about Noah Cavanaugh, you can visit his YouTube channel or his Instagram page @noah.cavanaugh


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