NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: Monochrome Drop
January 27, 2022

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU: Monochrome Drop

‘New year new you’ saying is a familiar one to many of us! This could imply in our behavior, habit, lifestyle, attitude or motivation towards our life and our goals! With the new year new me idea in mind, we want to drop three pieces that not only completes the finale of our AIR LIFESTYLE range but also the purpose behind these items.

For this drop, we handpicked the monochrome color tone, keeping it real classic with the black and white style. Using Cool white as the main color for both tank top and bottom and adding a heavy Black to complement with the White tone. In the world that we currently are living in, things are not always ‘Black and White’, but our intentions are.

What we want our users to be reminded of is that no matter what difficult path or task you are facing at hand, remember to stay focus on your goal and keeping it real and simple. That way, even with distractions we will be able to achieve the goals we intended to and continue to #DreamFearlessly.

Innovation through Technicality

One key aspect of our latest monochrome drop is the technicality of the garment. The Cool White Energy Tank Top and Coal Black Active Shorts implemented the newly laser-cut technology, allowing a zero-seam construction design on the garment edges. The laser-cut technology eradicates excessive seams on fabric to reduce the weight of the garment. Weight is exponentially important to users. The lighter the fabric is, the faster you can move and that improves how well you perform in training and everyday life.

The proportion is perfect for the Energy Tank Top. The minimal U shape side construction creates a perfect balance between aesthetic and freedom. It is time to revamp your wardrove with the tank top that enhances your body composition.

The ‘New year new you’ concept also applies to the fabric we implemented for this newly drop. The newly durable Cotton was handpicked by our team and ensure enhanced fabric touch is created from the Cotton material. As you can pick and match with the three monochrome pieces, Cotton was chosen for the Energy Tank Top and Champion Shorts, while Active Shorts are made with the newly Polyester Spandex. Both shorts are 8” inseam length.

Everyday Wear

The three pieces are designed for everyday wear. The AIR LIFESTYLE range is the blend of lifestyle with high-performance fabrics excelling in sweat-wicking and breathability. The Active Shorts in Coal Black and the Energy Tank Top are great for indoor and outdoor training. If you are a runner, fitness enthusiasts or a yogi, the two pieces are great for adding to your fitness wardrobe. The Champion shorts offer a very comfortable fit, perfect for casual wear and before and after training. Comfort should not end after training.

Garment Specification
Energy Tank Top:
Material: 100% Cotton
Color: Cool White
Size: XS to XL (Designed for Asian and European Fit)

Champion Shorts:
Material: 95% Cotton & 5% Spandex
Length: 8”
Color: Cool White
Size: XS to XL (Designed for Asian and European Fit)

Active Shorts:
Material: 98% Polyester, 2% Spandex
Color: Coal Black
Length: 8”
Size: XS to XL (Designed for Asian and European Fit)

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