Tech Grip Socks were inspired by my Achilles Injury
May 16, 2022

Tech Grip Socks were inspired by my Achilles Injury

In 2020, I experienced my worst ever injury by fully rupturing my Achilles Tendon. At the time, I had no idea how serious the injury was, and I kept asking myself how it just suddenly happened. There was no sign of pain or inflammation around the tendons. During the two years of rehab and physical therapy sessions, I have seen so many patients at the clinic who are on the same boat as me and some are worse on crotches. I started wondering what are the deep root causes of these injuries and how can we prevent them? Is there a way that we could reduce the risk of injury?

I then start asking my friends who are professional athletes and nine out of ten of them have experienced medium to high-level injuries like rupturing their Achilles, ACL, hamstring, and twisting ankles. So, I thought, what if we can reduce the risk of these injuries happening if we proactively create products that give the wearer a strong stable base to express themselves with?

The key features that make our grip socks stand out are the density of the grips on the bottom of the sock. We made the grip shape small and durable enough that we can fit more grips into each operated space so that fewer gaps are created for an unstable base. If the density of the grips is less, it is more likely that the grips are not as durable and long-lasting to use. Imagine there are more gaps to fill in a shoe.
Another unique feature that we created was the sole-fitted construction design of the grip socks. Not only do we use the lightest and most comfortable Nylon material in the game, but the sole-fitted construction design is also created for athletes who want the perfect customized fit feel to their feet. If you are flat-footed or the midsole is slightly flatter, the socks will help reduce the pain that pushes to your arch.



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