The DNA of Zyphr’s fabric
August 25, 2021

The DNA of Zyphr’s fabric

What does High-Performance Fabrics mean?

High-Performance fabrics are materials engineered for one purpose in mind- to enable you to move faster and lighter during a long period of time. The fabric is designed to wick away sweat faster than normal material and allowing the contact between your body and the material to feel extremely comfortable even when there is excessive amount of water generated from training or walking.

Why Cotton is a popular material for performance sportswear?

Cotton itself is a pure and natural fiber that free of chemicals. Due to this reason, you generally will see less allergic reaction with the skin. Cotton is great for absorbing sweat and moisture, perfect for those who sweats heavily. Cotton is also very strong and stretchable, allowing users to move extremely freely and lightly.

Cotton is more expensive than synthetic fibers such as Polyester. Due to its natural properties, it is more expensive to use Cotton than Polyester.

Why do you add spandex to your materials?

Spandex also known as Lycra is a synthetic fiber that can expand to near 600% of its size. If you are using the material for high-intensity training, spandex can provide extreme comfort and range of motions for you. Spandex is also breathable, quick-dry and high moisture-wicking.

When do I use natural fibers like Cotton and synthetic fibers like Polyester and Nylon?

There is no right or wrong when it comes to what you want to wear and in what occasion! Polyester is great for shape retention. It is easy to machine wash and dry fast for those who changes shirts twice or three times a day. Cotton is a great choice for lifestyle wear. It is light and extremely breathable to wear. Great for sensitive skin.

How do I determine if a material is high-performing or not?

The fit and feeling are everything. Go with your gut feeling and not the labels. You cannot lie when you skin touches the material and the chemical reactions that triggers your body to react positively or negatively. There are so many duplicate functions in the market, and it is important for you to feel light and comfortable when you put on the material.

A high-performing fabric should be breathable, lightweight and does not restrict your range of motions at all. For us to testify our materials, we have worked with over 100 professional athletes around the world, involved in over 12 different sports to understand how our materials will respond well in different weather conditions, body compositions and training intensities.


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