The story about Zyphr
July 21, 2021

The story about Zyphr

Why the name ZYPHR?

The name ZYPHR originally was inspired by the Greek God named ‘Zephyr’ meaning West of Wind. The fruition of the brand name came from the concept of building from the fundamentals. Rome wasn’t built in one day. With everything in life, great things take time work with and offering.

ZYPHR also represents freedom, dream and power. The logo was on purposely made with the look of an abstract ‘Z’ and the unequal math sign. The meaning is that no one in this world is the same. We are all very unique and have different paths to pursue in life. That is exactly why we encourage you to #DreamFearlessly and start now.

The brand started from one man’s dream to create Hong Kong’s 1st ever performance sportswear brand that uses technical designs and high-performance fabrics to improve athlete’s performance in training. Due to the scarcity of Hong Kong based brands that combine high-performance fabrics and technical designs on their garments, Jason Yau- the founder wanted to push the limit and create his own version.

Working and supporting professional athletes in Hong Kong are what makes ZYPHR stand out. We are currently involved in 12 different sports including the likes of Football, Rugby, CrossFit, Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Cycling, Fencing and many more. We have more than 100 professional athletes working with us on material testing and product innovation. Our ZYPHR Athletes are also living examples of the brand. They train and take care of themselves every single day and that is the dedication and work ethic that we endeavor dearly with our team and products.

Sport has never been the center development for Hong Kong, and we want to inspire more people to step out of their comfort zone and show everyone that they can also achieve their goals and dreams if they work hard. We want to show people that Hong Kong can also develop high level athletes and perform in the world stage. Everything starts with a dream, are you ready to #DreamFearlessly?

Our core value is that being fearless doesn’t mean you are not scared. It means you are accepting fear and continue to march forward. That is what #DreamFearlessly stands for.

Zyphr started in 2018. We have tried and tested many materials and technical designs to get to where we are now. Since we started, we have been working with garment technicians from Manchester University, Polytechnic University and Intertek to dive deep into understanding the materials that we are offering to our customers. We analyze, trial and tested every material to ensure our materials are extremely breathable and lightweight for your training.

We believe that in order to drive true innovation, we must combine sports science with high performance fabrics. What you put on your body is just as important as what you eat.

Our materials range from real cotton, polyester, nylon, modal, bamboo and LYCRA. We spent years finding the best manufacturers to ensure the highest quality.


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