The World’s 1st ICEZ-BREEZE Technology Performance Shorts
June 18, 2021

The World’s 1st ICEZ-BREEZE Technology Performance Shorts

Evolve in action

We have successfully raised over 100,000 HKD on Kickstarter for the world’s first ICEZ-BREEZE technology performance shorts! The project was funded six days before target goal.

We are also very grateful for the support that we got from everyone and the project was truly global with backers from around the world including the likes of:

  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Switzerland
  • USA

The Evolve Pro double layer shorts were the most pledged product with over 30% of our backers chose one of two colors in Utility Black or Frosty Grey.

We were so excited for our first global project created on Kickstarter and stay tuned on new products that are tailor-made for workout and running!

Two models of sport shorts were created to meet the needs of two training purposes: running and high intensity training. The campaign was inspired by the hot and humid weather condition in Hong Kong causing our users to feel heavy and uncomfortable during workout without any adequate sport shorts that are extremely light and breathable with fast sweat-wicking speed.


In order to design two sport shorts that are suitable for running and gym workout, we worked with Intertek Group plc, professional footballers and Manchester University to generate real data insights. The reason we worked with Intertek and Manchester University is to screen the performance of the fabric and how the fabric would perform using data simulation to find out the results. Once the scientific side of the fabric performance is verified, we then send out to our professional footballers to test on field.

You may ask why are we using professional footballers to test the Evolve lineless and Evolve Pro liner shorts? It is because football is the sport that runs the most. Footballers are required to do short, medium to long range sprints to interval runs for 90 minutes straight. Whether you are someone who only likes to do running or going to the gym for exercising, the testing requirement for the shorts are they must be durable enough to withstand high power of force or long duration of friction during a workout.

The material that we used for Evolve and Evolve Pro are the same. What separates both shorts are the compression liner and most importantly- the technical features that are made for running and high intensity workout. The Evolve running shorts has added the laser-cut holes at the back for enhanced breathability during running. Runner inspired side-cut and premier nylon waistband are essential for long distance running.

The Evolve Pro liner are designed for extra security and protection for high intensity exercises. A built-in shirt holder is designed for those who likes to train shirtless. A simple and easy design for you to use during your workout without placing your shirt on the floor or on your skin.

The Evolve and Evolve Pro were also featured in New York City and Paris in France. Two iconic cities that were wore by two fitness trainers and models.


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