Zyphr Breathing Sports Mask: One of the lightest running masks in the world
March 29, 2022

Zyphr Breathing Sports Mask: One of the lightest running masks in the world

With the rise of Covid-19 in Hong Kong, it has been extremely difficult to go for a run with a traditional surgical mask. Zyphr Breathing Sports Mask is the best alternative to the traditional surgical mask for running.

How is it the best alternative to a traditional surgical mask?

We’ve developed our breathing sports mask made with BFE over 99%, anti-bacterial, filter-free, and water repellent! Our sports mask can withstand over 10KM run while providing you the space to breathe under high-intensity training. Made with a metal nose clip, it ensures it does not slide around during training and keeps the mask in the same position to achieve high focus and results.

Tested by Professional Athletes

Our sports masks are tested by over 100+ professional athletes! We put them to test in multiple training regimes including sprints, long-distance running Football, and Cycling. The results are incredible. Users can breathe very well while having a high sweat-wicking functionality.

What are the features?

Anti-Bacterial + Water Repellent
Eco-Friendly (Save over 20 masks by just using 1!)
Odorless: Silver & Charcoal Yarns (Meets Grade B FTTS FA018)
Washable & Reusable for At Least 20 Times (Meets AATCC22-2017)

Where is it made?

We take raw materials from Taiwan then send them to Vietnam for manufacturing. Once the masks are made, they are then sent to Hong Kong for further sterilizing and packaging. We also use FLYGOO Ozone Generator to sterilize the sports masks and the sterilized product is FLYGOO 5,000 Litre 20ppm Ozone.

How can I buy it?

You can shop directly on our e-shop and buy 3 to get 10% off!


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