Zyphr x Hong Kong Ballet
July 13, 2021

Zyphr x Hong Kong Ballet

Zyphr had the privilege to collaborate with one of Asia’s premier ballet companies- Hong Kong Ballet. Hong Kong Ballet is internationally recognized as a world-class institution which represents Hong Kong’s unique personality. Hong Kong Ballet was founded in 1979. With nearly 50 dancers from all around the world, their work ranges from classical to modern performances including the likes of nutcracker, Romeo & Juliet and many more.

There is a direct correlation between performance and performance art and we wanted to showcase that. In order to do so, we picked four ballet dancers to wear our performance sportswear and performing their movements like how they do so in their show. The result was fascinating. What we found was that both fabrics and movements require tremendous amount of strength, power, stability and flexibility and that is what high-performance fabrics can offer.

What does high performance fabrics mean?

High performance fabric means the material is extremely durable and breathable. The fabric is made for high intensity training that require to wick away sweat extremely fast and allow the user to feel light and comfortable during usage.

How do you determine if a fabric is high performing or not?

The fabric must be durable during and after training and able to wash over a long period of time before it pills and loses its ability to wick away sweat. A high-performance fabric must also be able to alter through a fast change of weather conditions as well. Whether you are training over 30 degrees Celsius or below 10 degrees Celsius, the high-performance fabric must serve its purpose and allow the user to perform at his/her highest ability.

What is the direct correlation between performance and performance art?

Performance and performance art both require a strong base of strength, power, stability and flexibility to perform at your best. When we create our products and selecting our materials, these attributes must be met in order for the user to perform at their best. Performance art is about movement and coordination and what you wear will have an effect on how you feel and think when it comes to your movements.


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