The name ZYPHR originally was inspired by the Greek God named ‘Zephyr’ meaning West of Wind. The fruition of the brand name came from the concept of building from the fundamentals. Rome wasn’t built in one day. With everything in life, great things take time work with and offering.

ZYPHR also represents freedom, dream and power. The logo was purposely made with the look of an abstract ‘Z’ and the unequal math sign. The meaning is that no one in this world is the same. We are all very unique and have different paths to pursue in life. That is exactly why we encourage you to #DreamFearlessly and start now.


Zyphr started in 2018 and is the 1st Life-Performance Wear brand from Hong Kong that specializes in high-performance fabrics to enhance athletes.

Zyphr exists to change the way you think & interact with sports accessories. Our goal is to create technical sportswear that helps every athlete to unleash their full potential and dream fearlessly. We focus on the fine details of the product to close-up the margins the between our athletes & their competitors.

Our core product category is the G-ZOX Grip & Non-Grip Sport Socks that comes in TECH, ENHANCE, CUSHION & ZERO. Worn & tested by Professional Footballers worldwide including the Scottish Premier League, English Championship, MLS, Hong Kong Premier League any many more.

Zyphr has been supporting Hong Kong Professional Football Leagues since 2018 and not looking to stop anytime soon. As well as partnering with football schools, primary schools & middle-schools, we also work with non-profit organisations to support kids physically & mental well-being using sports.

We are also looking to develop pathways for underprivileged kids to have a career in Football, whether that is to become a professional footballer or other occupations in Football and other sports.


Jason Yau is a Professional Footballer who plays in the Hong Kong Premier League for North District Football Club as well as the founder of the company. His background lies in Art, Marketing & Sports Garment. Years of travelling to different countries to learn about fabrics & designs, Jason has created Zyphr in 2018 with the mission to help athletes enhance their performances in the game.

Being an athlete himself, he understands how important garments play in a role in an athlete’s performance both physically & mentally. When it comes to the game, the fewer the distractions, the less we need to worry about things that could go wrong. Zyphr will continue to engineer technical sportswear that enhances your performance every time you step of the pitch.