ZYPHR Vision

Named after the Greek God of the West Wind, ZYPHR stands for a new quality of sportswear, bridging the gap between performance and life.

Technical Comfort & Innovation

We are proud to be the 1st high performance sportswear brand from Hong Kong that specializes in technical innovation and high-performance fabrics.

Zyphr exists for one purpose- is to make athletes better by improving the fit and feel of what they wear. The importance of comfort and fabrics are often neglected during training and we work with sports science experts and professional athletes to ensure our garments are tailor-made for your sport.

Supported by Professional Athletes

We work with some of the world’s best professional athletes including UFC fighter Sasha Palatnikov, former Manchester United Academy Player Charlie Scott, Hong Kong Rugby Sevens Player Russell Webb and Hong Kong Olympian Coco Lin. Our garments are designed to withstand the daily physical demand of the athlete and made to last.

Obsession on Performance & Quality

We are obsessed in getting better each day. We have built the 1% rule. The 1% rule is to push the boundary by 1% in everything we do from product design & development to testing and marketing. The obsession of constant improvement to help our athletes elevate to the next level.


What #DreamFearlessly truly means: being fearless doesn’t mean you are not scared. It means you are accepting fear and continue to march forward. No matter where you are from, what chips you are given in life, one thing guaranteed is that everyone is allowed to dream.