Zyphr Lifestyle Cotton Socks

HKD 99.00


Lightweight Cotton Material- Very soft Cotton material to provide you with the most comfortable support and protection. Made for everyday wear. The premium Cotton we selected is also very soft, allowing your feet to breathe freely and made for long duration wear.


Sole Fitted Knit Construction- helps with removing pain in the arch area- perfect for people who have flat feet and enhances breathability to your feet. Arch pain doesn’t just happen on the field. Be kind to yourself and pick socks that helps you relieve the pain that you have endured for a long time.


Odorless – Say goodbye to stinky smells and sweat irritations! Our Cotton socks is smell-free and keeps you fresh and cool at all time.


Perfect Ankle Length to prevent Socks Kept Sliding Down- Our midcalf length socks is not just a fashion signature but keeps your feet warm while feeling super secure and protected.


1 Size: 58CM (can adjust taping at the back)

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