Unisex Zyphr Tech Grip Socks - Best Grip Socks for Football Boots

HKD 119.00



  • Lightest Nylon Blend to provide you with the most comfortable support to your game and avoid excessive sweating inside the socks. This is the most important aspect as our grip socks has the perfect thickness to complement with your boot and allows an extra pair of match socks to add on top of it if required 
  • Sole-Fitted Knit Construction helps remove pain in the arch area- perfect for people who have flat feet and enhances breathability to your feet 
  • Reduce the risk of injury- prevent your feet slipping and sliding inside your shoes or boot 
  • Gain confidence by improving stability when it comes to changing direction 
  • No more blisters as our grip socks support and hold your feet comfortably inside the shoes 
  • Perfect Mid Ankle length to avoid socks sliding down


Yu Wai lim
Club: Lee Man Football Club
Position: Central Defender


Gil Martins
Club: Lee Man Football Club
Position: Attacking Winger
Nationality: Brasil

 Taylor Fu
Club: Kitchee Football Club
Position: Central Midfielder


 Victor Bartomeu
Club: Eastern Long Lions Football Club
Position: Striker
Nationality: Spain

Anson Wong
Club: Lee Man Football Club
Position: Attacking Winger/Striker


    Size: EU 38-46 for Adults

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