G-ZOX Elite Leg Sleeves 護踝襪筒

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Concept and Introduction產品概念及技術

Keep your shin guards in place with the new ankle sleeves from Zyphr. The stretchy sleeves are made from polyamide spandex for a more secure fit. They are designed & made using DRI-TECH technology to keep you dry and cool at all times. High moisture-wicking & breathable for a 90 minutes game. If you are someone who cuts your socks for games, this is a great alternative to keep your original long socks safe & long-lasting.

Zyphr 的新款護踝襪筒能讓您的護腿板固定到位。彈性護套由聚酯纖維製成,更安全貼合。採用 DRI-TECH 技術設計和製造,讓您保持乾爽涼爽。高吸濕排汗和透氣性,適合 90 分鐘的比賽。如果您是為了比賽而剪襪子的人,那麼這是一個很好的選擇,可以讓您原來的長襪子安全與持久。

 If you have previously bought our G-ZOX products, you can combine our G-ZOX grip socks & lite shin guards with our tech ankle sleeves. The ankle sleeves will keep everything in place, providing a clean look along with extra tension to hold your shin guards.

如果您曾購買過我們的 G-ZOX 系列產品,您可以將我們的 G-ZOX 防滑襪和輕型護腿板與我們的護踝襪筒一起使用。護踝襪筒可以將一切固定到位,不僅外觀整潔,還能提供額外的張力來固定護腿板。


Care & Material 保養和材料

94% Polyester & 6% Elastane

94% 聚酯纖維 & 6% 彈性纖維

Size 尺碼

The ankle sleeves come in ONE SIZE.


G-ZOX Elite Leg Sleeves 護踝襪筒