(PRE-ORDER) Hong Kong Fan Support Rainjacket (預售) 撐起港隊打氣風褸

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(Pre Sales) Hong Kong Fan Support Rainjacket

A Special Match Feel Jersey Dedicated for the Fans

  1. “The 12th Man”第12人
    Football without fans is nothing. Teams can use the power of their own supporters to potentially influence the outcome of the game. ‘The 12th man’ in football is a term that refers to the team’s fans. The name came by because of the atmosphere of how the fans can create for the team and push them to achieve things that they may not think they can do.

In Football, one team is made up of 11 players so the 12th man refers to the team’s fans, in this case, this is for our very own Hong Kong fans!

This match feel jersey is dedicated to our Hong Kong fans who would do anything for the team. We want our fans to be proud of the team and by seeing the special red and white jersey, it reminds them that no matter where they are in the world, they are representing Hong Kong and cheering them on! Hence, why we made the number 12 on the front and back for others to know our fans are everywhere.

  1. Asian Cup Qatar 2023 Inspired Print Pattern2023
    This year, the Asian Cup is held at Qatar, we want our fans to remember this special occasion and the journey that we have been on together to get to this stage. Hence, the design is inspired by the Arabic heritage of Qatar and the resemblance of its infrastructure, art calligraphy & Football.
    This jersey will be a fantastic gift and memory for the Asian Cup Qatar 2023 as well as for the Hong Kong Team’s achievement! No matter what the results will be, the fans will stand behind the team and we are together as one!
    This year, games will take place at six of the international stadiums that hosted World Cup matches including Lusail Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium, Education City Stadium, Abdullah bin Khalifa Stadium and more.

  2. Dedicate to Hong Kong’s 1st Game Limited Edition Tag
    The limited edition tag design is truly a special one. Number 0114 dedicates to Hong Kong’s 1st game at the Asian Cup – Jan 14th year 2023-2024. We want all of our fans to remember this special occasion and that we are constantly making history. Each tag is uniquely made and will not be made again.

  3. In Support of Hong Kong & Hong Kong Football
    The shirt is designed for the fans. We want every Hong Kong fan to have a jersey that they can wear to every Hong Kong game. Football unites people and this jersey represents unity, passion and support. Our fans are the best and this shirt represents our utmost support for the team.

Fabric Specification: 

Product Specification:

  1. Highly Breathable
    Breathable polyester mesh provides extra ventilation between the fabric & your skin, allowing the sweat to absorb quick and reduces stickiness to your body

  2. High Comfort
    Lightweight & has a breeze sensation contact point with your skin. Great for training and everyday wear.

  3. High Durability
    Can withstands frequent use and wear and tear. Recommended to wash 2-3 times per week

  4. Digital Sublimation Printing
    we uses Italian and Japanese machine to create one of a kind sublimated printing pattern designs. The premium machines we uses ensure there is no colour degrading and can keep in good condition for a long period of time.

(預售) 撐起港隊打氣風褸


  1. 第12人
    一場足球賽事,沒有球迷的的參與支持,就什麼都不是。球隊有支持者的力量可以影響比賽結果。足球比賽裡的 "第 12 人 "就是指球隊的球迷。之所以有這個名字,是因為球迷可以為球隊營造氛圍,推動球隊實現他們可能認為自己做不到的事情。

在足球比賽中,因為一支球隊是由 11 名球員組成,第 12 人所指的就是球隊的球迷,這裡指的是我們香港的球迷!

這件球衣是為支持香港隊付出一切的香港球迷。我們希望球迷能以球隊為榮,看到這件紅白相間的特別球衣,就能提醒他們,無論身在世界何處,他們都代表著香港,為香港隊加油!因此,我們在球衣正面和背面都印上了數字 12,就是讓其他人知道支持香港隊的球迷無處不在。

  1. 2023 亞洲盃 (卡塔爾)靈感印花圖案

這件球衣將成為 2023 年卡塔爾亞洲杯以及香港隊的美好禮物和回憶!無論結果如何,球迷們都會支持球隊,我們團結一心!

  1. 香港的第一場比賽的限量版標籤
    這款限量版標籤設計非常特別。編號 0114 是為了紀念香港隊在 2023-2024 年度 1 月 14 日亞洲杯的首場比賽。我們希望所有球迷都能銘記這一個特殊時刻,銘記我們在不斷創造歷史。限量版標籤都是獨一無二的,不會再有第二次。

  2. 支持香港隊和香港足球


  1. 高度透氣

  2. 舒適度高

  3. 耐用性高
    能承受频繁使用和磨损。建議每周清洗 2-3 次

  4. 熱昇華數碼印刷


(PRE-ORDER) Hong Kong Fan Support Rainjacket (預售) 撐起港隊打氣風褸