Zil-Zyphr Dri-Tech Sports Mask

Select color: Grey

Feature 1:

Comfortable and Face-fitted

Uses human ergonomic design to create a more face-fitted construction with better protection

Feature 2:

3 Layer construction filter construction

The mask uses Air Cotton and Ice-Breeze material to allow more ventilation and high-density design to block dust coming in. The material is also very breathable and stretchy to allow users to move without discomfort on the face. Air Cotton is also known for its high stretchability and comfort. It is light, thin, and durable. The material is good for preventing heat and a great choice for those who uses the sports masks for hiking or training.

Feature 3:

Lightweight & Breathable Design Construction

The mask can be worn for a long time without suffocation or a lack of air. However, if you feel unwell or sick, take it off immediately and consult a doctor. Please be aware of the weather condition you are in and how you feel.

Feature 4:

Unique Construction Design

The New Dri-Tech Sports Mask is made using a unique stitch technology to ensure you can wear the sports mask for a long period of time without tension on the face and the side of the ears.

Zil-Zyphr Dri-Tech Sports Mask