Zil-Zyphr Reusable Breathing Sports Mask (1 Pack)(Logo)

Select color: Charcoal Black


>99% BFE
66% Polyester
15% Charcoal Yam
9% Spandex
8% Microbial Master Yam
2% Polyethylenimine


 Introducing Zyphr's reusable breathing sports mask in Charcoal Black! Months into the pandemic, we couldn't find any sports masks that we could wear without compromising on either the comfortability or the safety aspect. And with this reason, we've developed our very own breathing sports mask- made with BFE over 99%, anti-bacterial, filter-free, and water repellent!

Designed with comfortability in mind, we've added the metal nose-clip to ensure when you train hard and smart, the mask stays in the same position to achieve high focus and result.

- Antibacterial + Water Repellent
- Filter-Free
- Eco-Friendly (Save over 20 masks by just using 1!)
- Odorless: Silver & Charcoal Yarns (Meets Grade B FTTS FA018)
- Washable & Reusable for At Least 20 Times (Meets AATCC22-2017)
- Raw material: Taiwan
- Manufacturing: Vietnam
- Sterilizing & Packing:?Hong Kong
- Factory Sterilization: FLYGOO Ozone Generator???br>- Product Sterilization: FLYGOO 5,000 Litre 20ppm Ozone Station????br>- Sterilization

Zyphr Reusable Breathing Sports Mask丨Direction?On Use

Wash Before Use (Product May Contain Ozone Smell)
No Iron, No Steam & Cook
Hand-Wash Only
Dry Naturally on a Flat Surface

Remarks: Ozone sterilization is specially designed in terms of density and time span to avoid adverse effects on the designated performance of the mask products


Zil-Zyphr Reusable Breathing Sports Mask (1 Pack)(Logo)