Zyphr Academy is founded by Jason Yau – a football player who are obsessed about football and wants to develop players to be the best they can be. He understands that the surrounding of a player’s environment is key to their development and Zyphr Academy encourages players to make mistakes, to try things even when it is not working out and give 100% in each training session and match

Being a professional footballer in Hong Kong is extremely difficult with a lack of clear pathway, guidance, and support for young players to develop and succeed. With this reason, Zyphr Academy is created to help develop players and equip them with the right training methods and mentality to compete internationally..

We work with professional coaches and players who are extremely experienced in the football world. Some with over 20+ years of football experiences, our sessions cover all aspect of the game including football technique, strength training, mental & emotional training

We work with players at all ages and levels from amateur to professional players. Our coaches are from Brazil, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, England, and Scotland


  • Provide professional guidance for players to improve on their football technique, conditioning, and mental preparation


  • The modern approach to football has changed drastically. We work with professional coaches and players who are actively involved in the game both from a coaching perspective and playing perspective.
  • Training sessions will be between 60-90 minutes. The key is to ensure the player gives 100% effort and focus during the session to accomplish a key goal in the session.
  • Our training sessions will also push the players to work on their communication skills, teamwork, and emotional intelligence.


  • We have worked with over 100+ players from all around the world, from amateur level to professional level. The difference between an amateur and a professional is their experience and the speed of their play, technique, and reaction. Progression has no shortcut, and we will work with the player closely to ensure our private training complements with their team training and matches.


Private Team Training

This is to createa team training environment where players feel comfortable to make mistakes but at the same time getting used to the pressure with playing with other players. Private team training will be no more than 10 players per session, the goal is to achieve,quality not quantity result.

Private Individual Training

This is a 1 on 1 training style where our professional coach will work with the player individually. This will be a more intense. Aversion of training styleand allows the player to work on his/her weaknesses individually. A playercan get alotout of an individual trainingsession with more repetitions, higher intensity, and focus.

Players Who Trains at Zyphr Academy

Jay Haddow

English Championship Blackburn Rovers FC

Anson Wong

Hong Kong Premier League Eastern FC

Dwain Baxter

HKFA Div 1 Wong Tai Sin

Joseph Chagas

Yau Yee League Div 1 KCC

Jason Yau

HKFA Div 1 Wong Tai Sin

Kohei Ito

HKFA Div 1 South China

Gabriel Ho

Hong Kong Premier League RCFC

Professional Coaches at Zyphr Academy

Waseem Razeek

Ex Union Berlin Player

Shannon Maloney

Ex Tottenham Hotspurs Player

Kohei Ito

Ex Hong Kong Premier League Player