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About Zyphr

Zyphr is a performance sportswear brand from Hong Kong that specialises in high performance fabrics to help athletes enhance their performance in training.

Zyphr DNA lies in consistent & uncompromising dedication to make athletes perform faster, stronger & smarter. Designed in the UK.


Our Zyphr-HP Fabric

CrossFit, indoor cycling, or running: we got you covered. Outstanding in both breathability & moisture management, ZYPHR-HP will take your training to the next level.


Smartly incorporating technology & handpick sport-driven performance fabrics to push the constraints of performance sportswear for athletes is the core of our DNA.

From the use of Japan’s advanced sewing equipment and Italy’s digital printing machine develops the coalition of European design & precise engineering that push our product development; they are the link between artistic creativity & science that take our product creation to the world.

Customer Reviews

"I’ve been trying to find a pair of high-performance leggings quite some time now and Zyphr’s print leggings did not disappoint. The price matches what the quality was being offered, very happy with it!"
- Amelie
"Over the years we never get any new sportswear brands from Hong Kong and when I first heard of Zyphr I wasn’t sure of their quality but as soon as I tried it on in one of the gyms I train here, I was shocked by how comfortable their clothes are, very good job."
- Ryan
"I love their new fitness tank in black and crop top in grey. Because I’m a trainer myself and literally I’m on activewear 24/7. I need something that last me the whole day and not feeling tight or stressed and Zyphr helps me with that. It is a new brand that I heard from my friend and as soon as I tried it on myself, I understand why they emphasize so much on their materials."
- Katie
"Their materials are really out of this world. I really like their cutting and is very breathable. I sweat a lot usually and their materials does not smell and can last me for a full workout without feeling I need to change straightaway."
- Kelvin