Zyphr Academy Offers Professional Training for Football Players
January 18, 2023

Zyphr Academy Offers Professional Training for Football Players

As many of you know being a Footballer in Hong Kong is not easy and we want to help amateur and semi-pro players to achieve their dreams and play at the highest level possible. The circle of our Zyphr Academy logo symbolises continuous dedication of hard work, attention to detail and teamwork.

To succeed, we need to work as a team and Zyphr Academy will help players to progress both physically and mentally. Our goal is to provide elite training with coaches and players who have been in the game for over 15+ years and playing in both domestically and internationally including Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, France, Germany, and England

In the sessions that we run there will be ball mastery, strength & conditioning, match games and stamina building. All crucial for the modern football game with the goal to bring you up to speed with game situation.

If you want to sign up or learn more, please subscribe to our email list, email, or direct message us on Instagram. Sessions will be run based on players level and targets.



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