G-Zox Zero Sports Socks 運動襪 - 4 Pairs (Non-Grip)

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Concept and Introduction產品概念及技術

Make every detail of your look count. The G-ZOX Zero Sports Socks are the perfect finishing touch. The Cotton-fibre blend Sports Socks feature a soft cotton construction for an all-day comfortable fit feel. The minimalistic design matches every look of your outfit.

The G-ZOX Zero Sports Socks truly are the perfect pre & post sports socks.

造型的每一個細節都具有意義,G-ZOX Zero 運動足球襪就是您完美的配搭。採用柔軟的棉質結構,帶來全天候的舒適穿著感。簡約的設計與您的各種服飾搭配得天衣無縫。G-ZOX Zero 運動足球襪真正是運動前和運動後的完美襪子

The G-ZOX Zero Sports Socks is a grip-free sports socks verified by professional athletes. Providing you an alternative to grip socks. It is designed using ergonomic knitting technology. The materials and functions provide an all-round consideration and protection according to each contact point of the foot during exercise.

G-ZOX Zero運動足球襪是一款經過專業運動員驗證沒有防滑粒底的運動襪。為您提供防滑襪以外的另一選擇。它採用符合人體工學的針織技術設計。可根據運動時腳部的每個接觸點提供全方位的考慮和保護。

Our Cotton-fibre blend is extremely versatile in looks and functionality. It is recommended for pre & post workout and perfect for all weather conditions. Cotton being a natural fibre is great for those who have sensitive skin. The material is 100% biodegradable and compostable, making it more environmentally-friendly than other materials. If you are someone who have sensitive skin, the G-ZOX Zero Sports Socks is a great option for you to stay away from skin-irritation.

我們的棉在外觀和功能上都非常多變。建議在運動前後使用,適合所有天氣。棉是一種天然纖維,非常適合皮膚敏感的人使用。這種材料可 100% 生物降解和堆肥,因此比其他材料更環保。如果您是敏感性皮膚的人,G-ZOX Zero 運動足球襪是您遠離皮膚敏感的最佳選擇。


Our Cotton-fibre blend is odourless. It does not retain odour. As the body perspires, the fabric absorbs the moisture and release it on the surface of the fabric to keep your skin fresh and cool.



It is developed using DRI-TECH technology to help your feet stay dry and comfortable for a long time, and the heel and forefoot position provides additional cushioning for improved protection.


Product Specification 產品特點

Breathability - The ventilated mountain-shaped weave design on the instep provides excellent ventilation

透氣度 - 足背的通風山形編織設計,提供絕佳的透氣性能


Comfort - Comfortably pulls the soccer socks to your desired calf position

舒適度 - 能舒適地將運動足球襪放到理想的小腿位置上


G-ZOX Zero Sports Socks that combine comfort and functionality.



These G-ZOX Zero Sports Socks combine comfort with technical features. Designed in collaboration with a group of professional football players, this product is made from a lightweight, extremely durable blend of Cotton, Polyester & elastane to enhance comfort & feel. Elastane is used in specific areas to make the socks more elastic and reduce loosening of the socks during exercise. In order to make the product extremely technical and precise, it uses needle-fine knitting technology with high-precision machines.

G-ZOX Zero運動足球襪完美結合了舒適性與功能技術於一身。我們與一群專業的足球員共同合作設計此項產品,主要由棉花 (Cotton)、聚酯纖維 (Polyester)和彈性纖維 (elastane) 而成,質地輕盈,非常耐用,可增強舒適度和手感。彈性纖維(elastane)則用於特定部位,使其更具彈性,減少運動時襪子出現鬆脫的情況。更採用高精度機器的細密編織工藝,令產品使用時能展現出極佳的技術性和精確性表現。


OEKO-TEX® 100 Certified Imported Fabric.

OEKO-TEX® 100 紡織產品與皮膚接觸越緊密產品級別





Materials : 42 % Cotton, 55 % Polyester & 3 % Elastane

成分:42% 棉、55% 聚酯纖維 和 3% 彈性纖維

-S (19 cm) = EU 35-39
-M (21 cm) = EU 40-44
-L (23 cm) = EU 45-49



Care & Washing instructions 


G-Zox Zero Sports Socks 運動襪 - 4 Pairs (Non-Grip)

HKD 200.00 HKD 476.00 57% Off