Hong Kong Fan Support - Shin Guard (Mini S)

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特別為球迷設計的 撐起港隊 足球護腿板

  1. 第12人

一場足球賽事,沒有球迷的的參與支持,就什麼都不是。球隊有支持者的力量可以影響比賽結果。足球比賽裡的 "第 12 人 "就是指球隊的球迷。之所以有這個名字,是因為球迷可以為球隊營造氛圍,推動球隊實現他們可能認為自己做不到的事情。

在足球比賽中,因為一支球隊是由 11 名球員組成,第 12 人所指的就是球隊的球迷,這裡指的是我們香港的球迷!

  1. 2023 亞洲盃 (卡塔爾)靈感印花圖案 今年的亞洲盃在卡塔爾舉行,我們希望球迷們記住這個特殊的時刻,記住我們一起走過的旅程。因此,設計靈感來於卡塔爾的阿拉伯傳統、基礎設施、藝術書法和足球

Concept and Introduction

A Special Shin Guard Dedicated for the Fans

  1. “The 12th Man”第12人

Football without fans is nothing. Teams can use the power of their own supporters to potentially influence the outcome of the game. ‘The 12th man’ in football is a term that refers to the team’s fans. The name came by because of the atmosphere of how the fans can create for the team and push them to achieve things that they may not think they can do.

In Football, one team is made up of 11 players so the 12th man refers to the team’s fans, in this case, this is for our very own Hong Kong fans!

  1. Asian Cup Qatar 2023 Inspired Print Pattern2023 This year, the Asian Cup is held at Qatar, we want our fans to remember this special occasion and the journey that we have been on together to get to this stage. Hence, the design is inspired by the Arabic heritage of Qatar and the resemblance of its infrastructure, art calligraphy & Football.

Hong Kong Fan Support - Shin Guard (Mini S)

HKD 109.00