PROTECT Lite Shin Guards – Kids & Adult (足球護腿板 – 兒童和成人)

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Concept and Introduction產品概念及技術

Protect yourself from all time. A reliable pair of shin guards is a must for football matches and having one, will give you the confidence to dive into tackles. The Protect Lite Shin Guards  is extremely lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear. The back of the shin guard is made of EVA foam for impact absorption and shock protection. We did not add an adjustable strap to the shin guard so that you can put in and take away with ease and no tape mark.

時刻保護自已。在足球比賽中,一對可靠的護腿板是不可缺少的。有了它,能令您在對抗性時更有信心。The Protect Lite 護腿板非常輕便、舒適、易於穿戴。背面由 EVA 泡沫製成,可吸收衝擊力並提供防震保護。我們沒有在護腿板上添加可調節的帶子,這樣您就可以輕鬆地穿上和脫下,而且不會留下膠帶痕跡。

Our shin guard is a great companion to have on the pitch. They are the perfect combination between lightweight and protection. Play with confidence and unleash your potential. The shin guards come in 2 sizes- S (350px length) & M (400px length). The shin guard is perfect for kids and adults. Say no to big and bulky shin guards now.

我們的護腿板是球場上的好夥伴。它是輕便與保護的完美配合。充滿自信地踢球,釋放潛能。護腿板有兩種尺寸--S14 厘米長)和 M16 厘米長)。

這款護腿板非常適合兒童和成人使用。現在就對又大又厚的護腿板說 "再見"吧。

Product Specification 產品特點

1.     Lightweight 80g只有 80g重量

2.     Moisture Wicking using absorbent foam

      使用吸水泡沫 吸濕排汗

3.     High impact protection – protect shins in the tackle &  

      general gameplay


4.     Anatomic design- specifically made for left and right

      leg shape


PROTECT Lite Shin Guards – Kids & Adult (足球護腿板 – 兒童和成人)

HKD 78.00