Zil-Zyphr Running 'Evolve' 6” Lineless Shorts

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Introducing the world?™s first ICEZ-BREEZE technology. A strong hydrophilic material that is essential for excellent sweat absorption and the antistatic ability for running.

Tested by Professional Footballers in the Hong Kong Premier League

Why do we work with professional footballers? It is because football is the sport that runs the most. Professional footballers require to do short to long-range interval runs for over 90 minutes in a game and their performance data helps us to better understand what kind of fabric and technology it requires to support your training.

Flexibility and movements are extremely important to runners. Creating a runner-inspired side-cut design can allow runners to move without irritation over a long period of time. The 'A' shape side-cut can reduce the friction caused between the hip and the quad.

The premier waistband is developed with an extra-soft nylon elastic blend to create a secure contraction with 360-degree circumference coverage.

Our Evolve technical features are made for running. Whether you are a sprinter or a long-distance runner, our features will help you remove stress and add more focus to your training!

Three key features about the Evolve shorts:

  • 70GSM Featherlight Polyester Spandex Fabric using the world's first ICEZ-BREEZE technology to excel in moisture-wicking, quick-dry and anti-static.
  • The texture of the fabric is buttery-soft to wick away sweat extremely smooth and does not hold any excessive sweat during training.
  • Z-Inspired laser-cut holes for extra breathability.


The high moisture-wicking fabric has an incomparable advantage compared to other fabrics in terms of water absorption and perspiration performance.

Its sweat absorption effect is twice that of cotton, and its drying speed is 5 times that of cotton, which can keep the skin dry. Especially in outdoor sports, high moisture-wicking fabrics can play a better role in windproof, anti-sticking, and dryness. 

Experience a new level of training now!


Zil-Zyphr Running 'Evolve' 6” Lineless Shorts

HKD 399.00