Lucky Mile x Zyphr
November 26, 2021

Lucky Mile x Zyphr

We had the privileged to collaborate with Lucky Mile- a second division HKFA team from Hong Kong Football Club to put our training wear into test with their athletes! This is the best way to understand how the fabric reacts with different body types and the intensity of the training.

Lucky Mile were formed back in the late 1990s. Since then, they have been competing in between second and third division, experiencing promotion, relegation and merely missing automatic promotion to the first division. They’ve been champions twice in 1999-00 & 2008-2009 season.

Football is an essential part of Zyphr’s culture and identity and working with Lucky Mile helps us to analysis fabric technology through real wear test with athletes. The idea was to get each athlete to wear our training essential t-shirt and have them wear for one hour and a half to see how well the fabric would absorb sweat.

The test was carried out in November, so the temperature is around 20 degree Celsius with slight humidity. Hong Kong’s weather generally is very humid, so the fabric must be lightweight and able to battle strong humidity and heat during the day and at night.


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