Talent Tales Series
December 14, 2021

Talent Tales Series

The story about Hong Kong’s extraordinary professionals exploring inspiration, creativity and lifestyle 

ZYPHR is a Life-Performance Wear brand.

We focus on the body. We focus on comfort. Comfort while moving. Moving slowly or fast, on the field or on the streets. It doesn’t matter. The experience is valid and we believe if we look at sports and everyday life at the same time, we will discover new ways to create apparel that performs better on multiple levels. 

With every story we aim to bridge the two worlds of performance and everyday life, not for the sake of turning everyone into an athlete, much rather to start a conversation on how we can thrive both individually and collectively to perform better and to feel better. 

We consider ‘life-performance’ as a new gateway to explore inspiration, creativity and lifestyle. We believe in the fundamental values that shape the world of sports, such as passion, persistence and mutual respect, and aim to expand those onto our everydays through creating an open community.

 Talent Tales is an ongoing series bringing together Hong Kong’s extraordinary professionals with the goal to mediate aspiring perspectives.




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