Talent Tales - Canton Barbers
February 10, 2022

Talent Tales - Canton Barbers

Meet Canton Barber, Hong Kong’s most popular place for extraordinary grooming services. Established only four years ago in 2018, the barbershop already grew an impressive clientele thanks to its talented team.

Canton Barber is all about delivering extraordinary experience for their customers. In the discussion that we had with Canton, each and every barber has its unique style and personality but all fighting for a common goal – it is to put a smile on every customer’s face when they leave the barbershop.

Part 1

We talked about lifestyle, coping with Covid and challenges they face in their industry. Each barber all shared their very unique story of how they become a barber; the roads they took that brought them to Canton. There are ups and downs in the path that they chose but one thing that keeps them going is their passion for hairdressing. Their passion to interact with every customer and helping them to look the best they can possibly be and gain confidence that they can use for their everyday life.

Part 2

Some may wonder what is the connection between barbershop and life-performance wear. To us, life-performance wear is the blend between lifestyle and performance, the ability to blend in with your everyday wear. We focus on the body. We focus on comfort. The experience of comfort at Zyphr is the same as how they deliver their experience to their customers at Canton Barber. This way, we will be able to discover new ways to perform and feel better in life.



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