Zyphr Athlete Noah Cavanaugh signed for Flower City Union in NISA League!
August 10, 2022

Zyphr Athlete Noah Cavanaugh signed for Flower City Union in NISA League!

Our Zyphr Athlete from the United States, Noah Cavanaugh has recently just signed with Flower City Union in the NISA Soccer League! Flower City Union is based in Rochester, New York. Noah is a versatile left-back who is great defensively and technically sound. As a professional footballer, Noah’s motto is #BeAwesome. 


IG: noah.cavanaugh
Position: Left Back/Left Winger
Nationality: United States

 What we love about his motto is that he shares the same mentality as our slogan #DreamFearlessly. Both slogans emphasize the foundation of hard work. We both believe that in order to reach the level that we want, we have to have self-confidence, believe in ourselves, and pursue the art consistently. You should love what you do and you are really competing against yourself. Forget about what others think, just be awesome and dream fearlessly!

 One fun fact that you may not know about Noah Cavanaugh is that he is also a YouTuber and an entrepreneur! Noah has been producing his personal training and daily life videos on YouTube for a number of years now and is sure to check out his channel! His training videos are extremely interesting and educational if you want to up your game and he has been wearing the Zyphr Tech Grip Socks for both training and game day. 

To learn more about our grip socks and how Noah puts them into test in person, visit our official store at ww.zyphr.com or Noah Cavanaugh’s YouTube channel at https://rb.gy/bp7ryb


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