Zyphr x Project Mozi Football
March 25, 2022

Zyphr x Project Mozi Football

Straight Outta Hong Kong! We are so excited to partner with Project Mozi Football! They are a local brand just like us that loves Football very much and wants to share their Football passion with the world. PMF was born in Hong Kong when COVID 19 hits the hardest back in May 2020. Their specialty is designing customized AirPods and phone cases with any of your favourite teams or football stars from anywhere in the world!

Customization. Personalization and New Innovation.

Their brand existence came when covid hit the hardest but at the same time gave them the opportunity to create cases for their own smartphone and AirPods realizing if football fans can’t play football, at least they can create their own version of Football cases on their gadgets.

Wear it with PRIDE. ANYWHERE.

PMF’s brand mission is to create accessories that can express their love and passion for football in everyday life. They want it to be the accessory you bring into your meetings and still appear professional and classy. What makes their cases special is that you can customise from scratch. You can match with your lover or be the eye candy your friends are jealous of. PMF wants it to be the reason you smile every time you use your phone.

We are particularly excited about this partnership as we want to continue to connect football fans from Hong Kong and the rest of the world and use football to inspire people to become fitter, stronger, and mentally happier.

Wants to customise your own football phone case or AirPods now?

Visit www.projectmozifootball.com


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